Frank Lloyd

Stunt Coordinator • Stuntman • Actor

Height: 6’1

Hair: Blond

Weight: 190

Eyes: Blue

Frank Lloyd started his stunt career at the University of Alabama where he was a theater major and Judo Champion. The movie "Hooper" with Bert Reynolds, went to Alabama to film. Frank, a black belt, was a natural to work in background stunts since he could fall and not get hurt.


After working on "Hooper," Frank moved to Hollywood and was hired as an actor and stuntman, though concentrating on learning more and more stunts. Frank began stunt coordinating in 1986  for television and commercials.

Frank lives north of Hollywood, on the Ridge Route Ranch, where he finds time to work and train horses between filming jobs. He trains horses to do the unusual.

Taurus World Stunt Awards - 2 Nominations

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture- Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Best Specialty Stunt: Swordfish

Stunt Coordinator for over 30 years

Past President of the International Stunt Association

Longest Funniest Sitcom Bar Fight (1 min 32 sec)

Coordinated Football Sitcom Episode with a 9 minute exterior; shot in one day.

Multiple Sitcom Episodes Involving Driving, Boxing, Pro-Wrestling, MMA, Football, Basketball, Baseball,
   Horses, Fly Rigging Actors (You name it, he’s done it)

MMA Instructor for Gene LeBell (7 years)

National Judo Champion

Pro Wrestler

1999 CMSA World Champion

Creator of Horse Stretching

Named “Citizen Hero of the Year” from City of Los Angeles in 2001 for Apprehending a Top 10 Most Wanted Murderer.

Call the TV stunt coordinator that will get the job done

Cell: (818) 730-8353

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