Frank Lloyd

Stunt Coordinator

Cell: (818) 730-8353


Spider Man 3 (2nd Unit, 2 weeks)


Doing Hard Time

East Meets West


Frank Lloyd has been a Television Stunt Coordinator for almost 35 years. He has coordinated over 350 Television Situation Comedy episodes and 100 single camera episodes.
He has designed every kind of stunt from a 1:20 second funny bar fight to 10 minutes of hilarious football in Sitcoms, to fire burns, high falls, and car hits on single camera shows. Water work, car work, and flying actors with cables, you name it he has done it.

The Carmichael Show

Pretty Little Liars (3 episodes)

Grey’s Anatomy (4 episodes)

The Shield (7 years)

Married with Children (150 episodes)
King of Queens (3 episodes)

Unhappily Ever After (42 episodes)

Drew Carey (9 episodes)

3rd Rock from the Sun (3 episodes)
Top of the Heap (4 episodes)

Malcolm & Eddie (18 episodes)

Hang Time (8 episodes)

Saved by the Bell (3 episodes)

Clueless (3 episodes)

Boy Meets World (5 episodes)

California Dreaming (4 episodes)


Rude Awakening (2 episodes)

Norm (9 episodes)

MAD TV (9 episodes)

Over the Top

Sleeper Cell

Pauly (4 episodes)
The Bomans (4 episodes)

Smart Guy (3 episodes)

Vinnie and Bobby (6 episodes)

Hard Ball (2 episodes)

Top of the Heap (3 episodes)

Rude Awakening

Boston Public

The Wave

For a full credit list, download the resume.


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Cell: (818) 730-8353

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