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Frank Lloyd has been acting since college. His first line on film was, "Aw shove it" and you would not believe how many ways he practiced saying it—or maybe you would. His oddest line was, "Who do I gotta sleep with around here to get a scotch?”  Frank cold understand bourbon but scotch?

His biggest compliment was when he read for the late Billy Wilder and Wilder said to him, "You're very good, your just too young."


Frank knows that's not a problem anymore.

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A brief Filmography

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The Drew Carey Show (TV Series):  Customer / Waiter

O Brother, Who Art Thou?:  Customer

Nash Bridges (TV Series):  Low IQ / Boris

Rude Awakening (TV Series)

Unhappily Ever After (TV Series):  21 Episodes

Restraining Order:  Mikey

Children of the Corn V:  Fields of Terror (Video): Deputy Earl

Against the Law:  Officer Caultman

Renegade (TV Series) - Knock Out:  T.J.

The Big Fall (Video):  Agent Ramirez

Hang Time (TV Series):  Bartender

Married with Children (TV Series):  Norris / Vendor / Referee 15 episodes

Vinnie & Bobby (TV Series) - Vinnie Gets Sued:  Frankie

Top of the Heap (TV Series):  Frank

The Abyss:  Navigator

Mr. Merlin (TV Series) - A Message from Wallshime:  Mike Wallshime

The Wave (TV Short)

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